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Help someone with a disability in your community 

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Did you know that more than 50% of Canadians are connected to the disability community through a relative?

Evening in Maritimes, first run in 1995, was introduced to raise money to assist Citizen Advocacy Ottawa support people living with disabilities and their families.

Citizen Advocacy Ottawa offers a number of programs that support people with disabilities, and their families, to create a good life.

Programs are available to people of all ages, and types of disabilities. People living with physical, developmental, intellectual, mental health, age-related and multiple-diagnoses challenges.

Programs include: Family Support and Planning, Matching Programs, and the Fetal Alcohol Resource Program. Each month we have a direct impact on over 1,200 individuals.

Your donation can help support people like Marwa and Kathleen.

Marwa Trigui’s mother came to Citizen Advocacy to look for someone to be her daughter’s grandmother figure. Marwa is three years old and has a rare genetic disability which among other things means that she has depressed immune system, respiratory and mobility issues. She needs 100% attention at all times, physical therapy and opportunities to develop her social skills.

Volunteer Advocate, Kathleen Stephenson is just the person to help. She gets together with Marwa every week. They go out to the local park, take trips to watch Marwa’s sisters’ recreational events and they spend time on their own too. Kathleen helps with Marwa’s physical therapy too and through this therapy, her encouragement and the visits to the local parks Marwa is now able to walk for as much as 20 mins.