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Help someone with a disability in your community today! 

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Everyday Champions establishes matches between volunteers and individuals living with a disability.  Together they participate in weekly activities, offer companionship, involvement in community life, emotional support and practical everyday help.  As a result, those supported are less alone, less vulnerable, experience increased self-esteem and have better physical and mental health.

People need people.  We recognize the importance of friends and networks in our lives.  Every day, we see evidence of how personal relationships and networks help support and resolve personal and professional matters.  We use our networks to help others – whether it’s related to getting a job, finding a professional resource or for social and recreational purposes.  We rely on these rich personal networks and relationships. Many people with disabilities don’t have the benefit of these relationships.

Your donation can help support people like Marwa and Kathleen.

Marwa Trigui’s mother came to Citizen Advocacy to look for someone to be her daughter’s grandmother figure. Marwa is three years old and has a rare genetic disability which among other things means that she has depressed immune system, respiratory and mobility issues. She needs 100% attention at all times, physical therapy and opportunities to develop her social skills.

Volunteer Advocate, Kathleen Stephenson is just the person to help. She gets together with Marwa every week. They go out to the local park, take trips to watch Marwa’s sisters’ recreational events and they spend time on their own too. Kathleen helps with Marwa’s physical therapy too and through this therapy, her encouragement and the visits to the local parks Marwa is now able to walk for as much as 20 mins.